What We Do



Here at Insurepair we offer a range of top quality services with qualified tradesmen in every field mentioned below. For any further information please call us.

Insurepair have years of experience in dealing with all types of water and flood damage repairs throughout Dublin. All of our technicians are trained in clean water, grey water, and black water flooding. Regardless of the size of the incident; flood and water damage restoration is made easy working with Property Repair. We easily handle all major incidents, from massive river flooding to sewage back surges and storm damage.

Insurepair has a team of restoration technicians who use their expertise to decontaminate buildings and contents following a fire. We can deal direct with your insurance company to offer a rapid response service and our initial visit will be followed by a comprehensive programme of restoration.

Impact Damage to your property typically result from a sudden occurrence, such as a fallen tree / limb, uncontrolled vehicle, hail or natural disaster. Thankfully a rarer scenario is ‘a car crashed into your wall or property. Upon notification, damages are inspected. If necessary, emergency services are performed in order to prevent any further damage and to secure the property to eliminate any possible intrusion from unwanted entry. When your property has been compromised, we ensure its stability and security.

Our skilled experts in Roofing Repair have years of experience in rapidly dealing with Storm Damage situations. We can produce an assessment of the required work within hours of responding to your call. We have specialists in storm damage who use superior repair methods with quality materials according to the highest professional standards and specifications.

"Please feel free to get in contact for further information on services provided."

- Barry Walsh, Director